ocean  view  escape

23° 10’ 27’’ N   -   109° 28’ 59’’ O

 Sea of Cortes,  Baja California Sur,  Los Cabos, México

         hidden, however not out of the world


                       exclusive, however accessible


                         delicate, however touchable

opening October 2020



a small eco-friendly concept of great originality: 

maximum privacy in comfortable Suites and Bungalows

the good cuisine of the Mediterranean and the Tropics,

Odaka Yoga® and deep wellness natural treatments,

guided explorations in wild surroundings,

whale watching at room view, surfing, kitesurfing,

kayaking, coral reef snorkeling and diving, golf and sailing

available for Guests

between the sea and the desert,  a unique experience in close contact with Nature.




First Class amenities

be pampered

Natural Restaurant Cuisine

healthy fresh food  everyday

Beach & Private pools


beach club with sea Lounge 

Natural Spa

aromatic Temaxcal and

natural treatments

Odaka Yoga®

embodying the flow of life with awareness, joy and empowerment

Explore Baja California

discover Baja

with amazing tours



eco-compatible Suites and Bungalows for 20 Guests.

An original touch of style and comfort in the midst of a pristine natural environment. The whole project has been carefully designed to integrate at best with the wild environment and

to expose guests to the view, sounds and perfumes of 

the desert, in the place where it dives into the Sea of Cortez

Architect Valentina Spogli:  General plan, June 2018



The White Lodge will open Spring 2020

check this section to follow works in progress until opening



a building technique thousands of year old...



The Temaxcal - a traditional steam room originated with 

pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mexico. The name comes

from the Nahuatl word Temazcalli, "House of Heat".

In ancient times it was used as part of a curative ceremony thought to purify the body and the soul after a battle, after the ceremonial ball game, for healing the sick, improving health and for women to give birth.


Is a deep cleansing of mind, body and spirit. Incense from the garden and aromatic hot water with herbs will be poured on volcanic rocks heaten on fire.


A special ancient kind of compass (picture above) had to be built to realize this Teamaxcal.


the Temaxcal is completed


a 100% natural, hand made technique with

enormous benefits for insulation and living comfort




 Sea of Cortez,  Baja California Sur

Los Cabos, México


opening Fall 2020

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