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Few places on the planet offer such astonishing marine life.

The famous French oceanographer and explorer Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau explored for first the depths of the Sea of Cortez and surprised by the enormous biodiversity surnamed it as “The Aquarium of the World”.

Baja California boasts 5 UNESCO world heritage sites, untouchable biosphere natural reserves, the world’s largest collection of cave paintings and the only coral reef in the North Pacific, situated only 20 miles far from your room.

It is also one of the few places on Earth where it is notoriously possible to relate in water with whales, dolphins, giant mantas, sea lions and orcas.

Once at The White Lodge, you will then find worthy to explore the terrific beauties of the wild surroundings through amazing tours enabling our Guests to unforgettable desert and ocean wildlife encounters. Ask your Exploration Manager at the Lodge for your tailor-made tours.


Walk to the beach 5’ far from your room deck through the narrow property canyon.

Beach beds, stand up paddles and kayaks are available free of charge for our Guests. Snorkel in front of the Lodge or ask for our reef or pelagic diving packages.

Other pristine beaches are available within only a few minutes walking or driving from our Baja California Boutique Hotel. Guests will receive a map illustrating reachable trails, beaches, points of interest, and surf spots close to the Lodge.

WHALE WATCHING (3 to 4 hrs, December to April only)

Whale watching during season is possible continuously even from your doorstep: the stretch of sea in front of the Lodge is a mating and delivery ground for hundreds of Humpback, Blue and Minke Whales every year from December to April. Orcas and dolphins are also spotted less frequently.

Jump on a panga to get as close as ever to these wonderful gentle giants of the sea. Learn about their biology and behavior from experienced crew.

A tripod sea telescope is available for our Guests on the Lodge main panoramic deck.


On the East Cape, desert and sea birds from the endemic tiny Xantus Colibri, to the Magnificent Frigate bird, symbol of the Lodge, can be easily spotted during all day.

Inside our property a wide series of colorful bird species make their nest or fly around looking for food. Refer to our lodge main path identification charts to identify Cardinals, Oriols, Finches, Jays, Cara Cara, Hawks, Pelicans, Cormorans, Sterns, Ospreys and more passing by out of your room. Ask for our bird watching night tour to meet the giant Owl of Baja.

SURFING (best April to October)

The White Lodge is only 800 yards far from Nine Palms, the most famous surfing spot of all Sea of Cortez coast and 5 miles from Shipwreck, the second one. Rent a surfboard with us and ride the best waves of Gulf of California, for every level. Or jump one day on the other side of Baja to surf the waves of the Pacific Ocean at Cerritos or epic Scorpion Bay.

Rent a 4×4 Jeep with us and ask for your surf road trip program to receive the live the best surfing Baja experience.


Rent and jump on an electric bike to explore canyons and beaches of our wild surroundings. Receive a wildlife chart to recognize the fauna and flora you can meet along your path. Bring your beach towels with you to stop for reinvigorating sea bathing.

DISCOVER CABO PULMO CORAL REEF (6 to 8 hrs snorkeling or diving)

Explore snorkeling or diving the only coral reef of Northern Pacific, the famous waters called “The Aquarium of the World” by ocean French explorer Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Drive only 50’ North from the Lodge to embark a small boat and dive in different spots of this coral reef teeming with over 900 species of fish species including mantas, turtles, sea lions, sharks, whale sharks and whales.

On the way back, reach an inviting natural pool fed by cascades of fresh or volcanic hot waters immersed in the unspoiled nature of UNESCO site Sierra de la Giganta.

Guided or self-drive tours available, box lunch included.


Trek or ride a bicycle along the trails of the UNESCO Sierra de la Giganta, 2 hrs driving from The White Lodge through a stunning panoramic road crossing Tropic of Cancer. Sierra de la Giganta presents a unique mountain landscape hiding clear streams, thousand-year old rock paintings, and local wildlife like coyotes, bobcats, foxes, deer plus different species of tropical birds and eagles.


Los Cabos is a world class capital for blue waters fishing and coastal or pelagic spearfishing. Ask your exploration manager for more details and have your prepared at the restaurant. Please note that only supplying fishing is asked to our Guests not to affect local marine life.

SAILING (April to December)

Rent with us your sailing yacht or catamaran to explore stunning inhabited UNESCO islands on the route of writers and explorers John Steinbeck and Jacques Yves Cousteau.


Ask your exploration manager about our thrilling ATV guided tour. Discover local wildlife and flora, drive offroad where the desert meets the sea.


Ask your exploration manager to know about our sunset horseback riding.


Meet the kings of the sea with expert biologists’ guided tours. Swim-with-Whale shark experience is possible between October to May while cageless shark diving with hammerhead, silk, mako, blue and bullsharks are available all year round.

ISLA ESPIRITU SANTO (one or two day tours)

The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site well known for the enormous variety of marine life. A coastal navigation along the uninhabited island will be carried out guided by an expert Marine Biologist to reach a colony of playful Sea lions, which love to entertain in the water with the visitors. Guided snorkeling on colorful coral banks teeming with tropical fish, Frigate birds nesting colony and lunch in a beautiful bay of turquoise water are part of the program. A not-to-be-missed of Baja…

EXPLORE BAJA CALIFORNIA (three- or more day tours, all year round)

Write to us and fill a questionnaire to receive a free tailor-made road trip program accordingly to your travel philosophy and time at disposal. Rent a 4×4 Jeep with us and start an amazing road trip along the Baja Peninsula to discover the best of this gorgeous destination famous for stunning landscapes, off road desert paths, friendly whales, old missions and ghost mine towns. Start or end your trip at the exclusive White Lodge.



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